11-33kW Integrated Distillery & Dephlegmator Control Center

Take your distilling to the next level! 

IDCC27k1ColThese panels are specifically designed for craft distillers looking to increase productivity and product consistency.  The Integrated Distillery Control Center includes all of the features found in our semi-automated controllers and will also allow the distiller to accurately dial in the reflux on their column still.  Built in safety features like jacket HEX fluid temp monitoring and over-temp shutdown,  automated end-of-run shutdown, and real time digital temperature monitoring of column vapor temp are all included.

Currently, these control systems are offered for distilleries using electrically heated double boiler type stills.  These are compatible with column/dephlegmator sizes ranging from 4″-20″ diameter.  Temperature probes and solenoid operated dephlegmator water control valves are included to offer a complete package.  Options like a cooling pump control circuit or agitator motor control circuit are also available.

11kW-33kW 2-6 element versions are available and are ideal for smaller distillery installations or as a control center for a proofing still in a larger distillery.  These controllers are designed for boilers ranging from 15-100+ gallons.

Innovative features include;

  • 2 to 6 element control in single or three phase configuration for boilers sizes up to 150+ gallon.  (11kW to 33kW control)
  • Standard jacket monitoring and over temp safety shutdown that the current production panels do
  • Auto ramp and hold element control (for boiler/column warm-up to operating temp)
  • Column ready light/buzzer alarm with override
  • Integrated automated dephlegmator reflux control
  • Auto tails runout/shutdown when complete
  • Requires 1/2″ npt ports for 3x temp probes in the following locations; jacket HEX fluid, column vapor below dephlegmator, and dephlegmator water (close to outlet)
  • Coolant pump circuit for controlling condenser cooling water pump (optional)
  • Agitator control circuit (optional)

Complete kit includes temp probes and solenoid valves for dephlegmator water control

Model                                  Specifications                                                  Prices in USD

  • IDCC11k1Col        -11kw Integrated single column reflux control             $3292.80
  • IDCC13.5k1Col   -13.5kw Integrated single column reflux control          $3498.60
  • IDCC13.5k2Col  -13.5kw Integrated dual column reflux control              $4116.00
  • Inquire for 4-6 element models, pricing varies based on configuration, see details below.


  • Element Kit: For additional element control circuits add $154.35 USD per element circuit
  • S201608: Panels with 4-6 elements add panel size upgrade fee USD $68.81
  • SC-E5-200V: Single phase panels add SC-E5-200V kit (high amperage contactor) USD $110.00
  • AgKit: Agitator kit (agitator motor on/off control) add USD $308.70

Please contact us to place your order.

Up to a 4-8 week lead time for this model

Instructions for first batch with reflux control please click this link for some helpful information regarding how to use the integrated control panel.


IDCC33k1Col internal

IDCC33k1Col Complete Kit