Dephlegmator Control Center

Take your distilling to the next level!

?These panels are specifically designed for craft distillers looking to increase productivity and product consistency.  Designed for use on column stills up to 20″ in diameter, these custom dephlegmator control panels include automated reflux control and column vapor temp monitoring.

These complete kits are designed as a standalone system for controlling reflux on distilleries that use steam or gas heated boilers.  We also offer an integrated control center for distilleries using electrically heated boilers. These systems are designed to automate water flow control to the dephlegmator and keep your still running at maximum efficiency.

By maintaining precise water flow control to the dephlegmator, the distiller can dial in an exact takeoff ABV.  Heads cuts are highly compressed to maximize the hearts fraction, and tails can be held at bay to further extend your useable spirit fraction.  Column vapor temperature is displayed on a digital readout and if it exceeds a preset limit an alarm will sound notifying the need for more reflux to maintain product purity.  This alarm can also be used to signal the onset of tails at the end of the distillation run.

Standard Features

  • Controls dephlegmator water flow to allow for automated reflux
  • Column vapor temperature monitoring via digital readouts
  • Alarm notification (flashing light/audio alarm) when column vapor temp exceeds preset limit.
  • 110vac 5amp power input (power source MUST be GFCI protected)
  • 24vac 3/4″npt solenoid valves for dephlegmator water control manifold with 30″ wire leads (extend to suit your installation)
  • RTD Pt-100 temperature probes included (comes with 20ft cables with locking plugs)
  • Selectable column control/input (Dual column control only)

**NEW** Multi-mode reflux control(auto, off, 100%)

  • auto mode controls reflux based on programmed dephleg water temperature
  • off mode shuts off all water flow to dephleg of column not in use
  • 100% mode turns on full water flow through dephleg for initial start up and tray loading (no digital temp control needed)
  • *NEW* 5amp resettable circuit breaker on panel to protect the 110vac control circuit from shorts and grounds.

Please contact us to discuss the best system for your distillery, your order will be confirmed via email communication.

Complete Kits (includes temperature probes and solenoid valves)

Model                  Specifications                                                                    Price

  • DEPH1Col     -Single column dephlegmator control kit                   $2572.50 USD
  • DEPH2Col    -Dual column dephlegmator control kit                      $3087.00 USD
  • DEPH3Col    -Three column dephlegmator control kit                    $4116.00 USD

2015-11-23 18.21.30All prices are for the kit only, shipping to your location calculated at time of order.

Please contact us to place your order.

There may be a 4-8 week lead time for these kits.