11kW-33kW Semi-Automated Distillery Control Center

These versatile distillery controllers available in 2-6 element (11-33kW configurations) can give you the ability to program a preset “heat and hold temp”. This allows you to preheat your still until the column is just below distillation temperature.  This will heat the still without having any product produced, and the heat is paused until you resume control manually for the ultimate in artisan distillation control.  A visual and audio alarm will sound when your still is up to temp, and you can begin with the distillation process.

When you are done drawing fores, heads and hearts, then you can crank up the heat and the system will automatically strip the remaining tails out of your wash without further input.  When the vapor temp increases to the point where there is no more alcohol in the wash, the controller will automatically power itself down at end the run.

This level of automation is available while still maintaining economical and simple discrete process control wiring and logic.  A distiller will benefit from this simple and easy to use system.  There’s no computers to program, no overly complicated processes to learn and monitor, and just a few temperature parameters to key into the digital control module.

This control system is a step above the most basic digital/electrical controls available elsewhere, if you need specs to compare, please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you to optimize your system.

Please contact us for further details and custom options that can be included with this configuration.

Features include:

  • 11-33kW max heat output when used with 2-6 x 4.5-5.5kW elements
  • 240VAC 60Hz power input, single or 3 phase
  • Auto “heat up and hold” function, full power heat up until the column is a few degrees below distillation temp, then pause heat until distiller assumes control of system.
  • Audio and visual notification of column ready status.
  • Distiller/Operator controlled heat input during heads and hearts collection.
  • Automatic tails run out after hearts collection is complete.
  • Automated still shut down after tails collection is complete.
  • Individual 2 pole circuit breakers on each element circuit to protect against a shorted element.
  • Positive operator input for power up (a safety feature)
  • E-stop function for emergency shutdown.
  • Optional agitator circuit available

Model SADCC13.5k (3 element control)

$1420.02 USD + shipping and packaging (varies)

  • Element Kit: For additional element control circuits add $154.35 USD per element circuit
  • S201608: Panels with 4-6 elements add panel size upgrade fee USD $68.81
  • SC-E5-200V: Single phase panels add SC-E5-200V kit (high amperage contactor) USD $110.00
  • AgKit: Agitator kit (agitator motor on/off control) add USD $308.70


RTD pt-100 style temperature probe included

4-8 week lead time for this model.

Please contact us to place your order.

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