Take Your Distilling To The Next Level!

IDCC27k1ColYour premier source for electric control systems specifically designed for artisan distilleries.  These systems have been developed to control the distillation process from start to finish with varying levels of automation for your distillery.

Repeatability, increased yields, and superior cuts are available with our dephlegmator reflux control systems.  These are available as a standalone kit to add onto your existing distillery and can support multiple columns on hybrid stills.  This dephlegmator control system is also available as part of our integrated control system that blends automated boiler and column reflux control.  Regardless of which you choose, you’ll get a complete kit that includes all temperature probes and condenser control valves necessary to implement the entire system.

Currently, our distillery boiler controllers are designed for use with direct electric and water/glycol bath electrically heat boilers and stills.   Our 2-6 element electric boiler controllers are available in 240vac/1 phase or 208vac/3 phase configurations, please specify your needs when you order.  Total wattage control capacity for various designs ranges from 11kW to 33kW.

Our designs are constantly evolving to bring you the best in functionality and user friendliness.  For more information on a quote or to purchase your control system, please contact us for details.

Each control panel is individually hand built in Canada to assure the highest possible quality.  Each order is put in queue and will be built in turn, and may require a 2-8 week lead time.   If the lead time will exceed 8 weeks, we will contact you for further instructions.

ALL orders are confirmed via email communication and can be customized at your request.  Quality takes time, we are a small company striving for the highest quality and appreciate your understanding.

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